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OSU, Columbus Police Investigate Campus Area Vandalism

Ohio State University and Columbus Police are jointly investigating a series of crimes, All of them involving racial or religious slurs. The latest incident inside Baker Hall East, on 12th Avenue, is characterized in an OSU police report as an "anti black" crime. It's the latest of four incidents on or near campus involving racial and religious slurs, including use of the n-word and the depiction of swastikas. OSU Deputy Police Chief Richard Moorman says OSU and Columbus are sharing investigative notes. "Well this is obviously a priority investigation. It is high profile. Its a concern, and we feel it's a concern and a threat to the community. And we want to find out who's responsible." Moorman says. All four incidents occurred in the past two weeks. In a written statement, Vice president for Student Life at OSU, Javauna Adams-Gaston, says she's appalled and promises what she calls "appropriate action." Along 13th Avenue where a vandal defaced a dumpster, political science student Justin Maksimovic and Social work major Timothy Pernell reacted to the latest crimes. "I wouldn't necessarily say I feel unsafe, I would just say I don't really feel like the right placement is here like to make people feel equal to each other." Says Pernell "I work the late nights over here. I close a lot. I don't know, i just always try to be alert and usually I won't walk home with my headphones if its past midnight." Deputy Chief Moorman says, right now authorities are looking for a good tip. "That's the way a lot of crimes are solved, because somebody takes the responsibility to call and say hey you should look at this person or I have this piece of information. That would be very helpful." Moorman says there are similarities in two of the four incidents.