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Delaware County Sheriff Resigns After Funds Investigation

Amid allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a deputy and misuse of taxpayer funds, Delaware County Sheriff Walter Davis resigned Monday. Davis admits no wrongdoing. “We’ve created no criminal act. Absolutely none,â€? Davis told reporters. Davis’ resignation comes just days after the Delaware County Republican Central Committee withdrew its endorsement of Davis’ unopposed bid for re-election. Davis was being investigated for misuse of county funds for questionable trips where he allegedly met up with a female deputy sheriff. “That could be a lingering question. But here’s the case in point. That’s my private life. It’s personal. Period," Davis responded to a question about a relationship with a female deputy. David Phillips, who was special prosecutor on the investigation, said Davis' resignation stemmed from allegations of the investigation. "I was appointed by the court on the 20th of last month to serve as a special prosecutor...his attorney contacted me, Larry James, and we sat down and achieved this resolution," Phillips said. As part of that deal, Davis will replay $1,331 he received in travel reimbursements. Davis referred to himself as a freshman public servant. This would have been his second run for sheriff. But as part of the arraignment, he agreed never to hold another public office. When asked why he’d accept such an agreement if there was no misconduct, he answered, "Can you rob a bank? Get caught? Give the money back and then walk home? OK. Then you answered the question.â€? Captain Scott Vance will act as sheriff until the county’s Republican Central Committee names a replacement to serve the remainder of Davis’ term.