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Governor Stands Behind JobsOhio

Governor John Kasich is standing behind his public/private job creation board that's now the subject of a lawsuit. "JobsOhio" was created by the Republican Kasich earlier this year; it's composed of eight CEO's and is chaired by the governor. He's championed it for being able to move more quickly than the traditional Department of Development, but the board is now the subject of a Constitutional challenge filed yesterday by two Democratic state lawmakers and a left-leaning policy think tank. The suit claims it's unconstitutional for a sitting Governor to chair such a business entity, but Kasich says the suit will, in his words, go away. "This will not distract me. We'll be fine with JobsOhio, it will be constitutional and we'll keep going," Kasich said. On top of working to keep companies in Ohio, the Governor also says he's now "poaching" businesses from other states. Kasich made his comments at a press conference Tuesday morning touting his first 100 days in office.