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Projected Ohio Budget Deficit Among Voter Concerns.

The looming state budget deficit is the big elephant in the room these days as politicians run for election. most everyone believes there will be a shortfall in the budget next year, as much as $8,000,000,000 over the next two years. But politicians are shying away from pinning down specifics as to how they'd plug that hole.

Most everyone believes there will be a shortfall in the new two-year budget lawmakers must fashion next year...as much as $8,000,000,000. And that worries, teachers. librarians, police officers, and leaders of cities that rely on money from the state. They want to know how politicians plan to deal with the projected money hole.

The problem is, politicians, by and large, are not giving specific answers to those questions right now, after all, it is election time.

Some leaders of groups that have been able to put away money for a rainy day say they've been doing so. But, others say, any cut in funds from the state means they will have to lay-off employees or drastically cut services.

Jo Ingles is a professional journalist who covers politics and Ohio government for the Ohio Public Radio and Television for the Ohio Public Radio and Television Statehouse News Bureau. She reports on issues of importance to Ohioans including education, legislation, politics, and life and death issues such as capital punishment.