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Columbus City Schools Opened Then Dismissed Early

While most Columbus-area schools closed this morning, Columbus City Schools remained open. But as snow continued fall throughout morning, the city's largest school system decided to let most of its students go home early.

Many Columbus City Schools students likely groaned as they heard they would not be getting a snow day today like their counterparts at other systems around the area. But then the system, after it bussed its students to their schools this morning, decided on an early dismissal. Columbus City Schools spokesperson Kim Norris said superintendent Gene Harris considered several factors before making the call to open and then release early.

"Certainly that's a decision that's made by the superintendent with a great deal of consultation with the transportation department who monitors the National Weather Service just minute by minute," Norris said.

Middle and high school students left and hour early while kindergartners and elementary students left on-time. Norris said the superintendent noted every single day of learning is important.

"Certainly while safety is always the first concern, it's important for students to be engaged in school," she said.

Norris said it's unknown at this time if the system will be closed tomorrow.