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County Drug Card Saves Locals $1 Million

Franklin County Commissioners tout the county prescription drug discount card that has saved local residents close to $1 million. WOSU reports even people with private insurance can benefit from it.

The Franklin County Prescription Discount Card is not just for people without insurance. Franklin County Commissioner Paula Brooks said the card can be used on expensive drugs that often are not covered by private health insurance.

"I would really urge people that have insurance and they find themselves in a situation where they think maybe their co-pay's really expensive or they find that the drug item, you know fertility, are really not ever from my experience covered, those items are covered by this discount," Brooks said.

The discount card, which is free, saves up to 24 percent on prescriptions. Brooks did not say how much commissioners expected residents to save within a year. She said every single pharmacy in Franklin County takes the card. And the commissioner noted the card can be used on some pet drugs.