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More Ohioans Move to Florida Than Any Other State

Ohio lost more than 35,000 residents to other states between 2007 and last year. WOSU reports where people are going.

The majority of Ohioans who chose to leave the state between 2007 and 2008 moved to warmer and sunnier climates. Community Research Partner's Bobby Garber said more Ohioans moved to Florida than any other state - almost 4,000. She said other top choices were Texas, the Carolinas, Arizona and Kentucky. Garber could not say for sure why people are moving but...

"We're assuming that it's a combination of people leaving because they're retiring and moving to warmer climates, as well as people moving to seek job opportunities elsewhere."

As for those coming to Ohio, Garber said the majority come from Michigan as well as other neighboring states and the east coast.

"There's this cluster along the east coast which again one can theorize people coming to Ohio State perhaps for college," she said.

Also interesting, Garber said, is movement between counties. Looking at Franklin, Cuyahoga and Hamilton - Franklin was the only one to make significant population gains.

"Franklin County is drawing people from all over the state and has had a net gain of over 4,000 people from other counties. Whereas Cuyahoga County has lost over 1,500, very little movement to Cuyahoga County from other parts of Ohio. And Hamilton County has had minimal gain from other parts of Ohio," Garber said.

The report also holds some surprising statistics. Among those is 116 residents of Hawaii moved to Ohio.