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Pickerington Fifth Grader Eliminated in National Spelling Bee

A pair of Ohio students remain after two semifinal rounds at the 82nd Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington.

Thirteen year-old Tino Delamerced from Cincinnati and 13-year-old Anamika Veeramani from the Cleveland suburb of North Royalton have continued to spell their words correctly.

But 11-year-old Nicholas Rushlow from Pickerington in central Ohio was eliminated in the latest round on "hebdomadally," a fancy word for "weekly."

The 5th grader at Harmon Middle School was one of 20 spellers eliminated during Thursday's tough semi-finals. Harmon Middle School assistant principal Sally Stewart says Nick was one of the youngest participants in the spelling bee last year, and he worked hard preparing for this year's event.

Stewart says, given the level at which Nicholas Rushlow was eliminated, he is the 23rd best speller in the U.S. She is certain he will try again next year.

Earlier, Nicholas had encountered one of the amusing examples used by pronouncer Jacques Bailly. The boy asked for a sentence with "noisette," meaning a type of food. Bailly replied: "Gail couldn't keep her eyes off the piece of noisette in her date's teeth."