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Voters Reject Upper Arlington Library Bond Issue

Voters in Upper Arlington sent a strong message Tuesday. By a 72 to 28 percent margin the voters rejected a proposed bond issue request to renovate and expand the city's library system. WOSU's Tom Borgerding reports.

The head of the "vote no" campaign in Upper Arlington, Dan McCormick, says library supporters were too quick to ask for money and should have allowed more time for community debate.

"I don't think its anti-tax. I think the residents of Upper Arlington are very generous when a true need is presented."

McCormick says results show most voters believed the request was "excessive." Upper Arlington Library Community Resources Manager Ruth McNeil, says voter rejection of the bond issue will force the library board to make needed repairs on a piecemeal basis. She says the board has limited options.

"Clearly, right now the only option for funding those immediate deficiencies are the operating budget. That is the only funding source that the board has right now."

McNeil says the library's annual budget is $6-million dollars. Its uncertain whether Upper Arlington voters will be asked for library money again in November.