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Columbus Health Officials Investigate "Probable" Case of Swine Flu

The swine flu is believed to have made its way to Central Ohio. Local health officials say there is a "probable" case in the area and other "suspected" cases.

Together Columbus Public Health and Franklin County Board of Health commissioners announced there is a "probable" case of swine flu in Franklin County. Doctor Teresa Long with Columbus Public Health would not give much information about the case other than:

"It's a female adult, and that's about as far as you're going to get us to go," Long said. The woman's respiratory sample has been sent to the Center's for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. It could be up to four days before test results indicate whether she is positive for swine flu.

Long said the woman is being treated with Tamiflu, a prescription drug used to treat seasonal human influenza.

In addition to the "probable" case, there are four or five "suspected" cases of swine flu in Franklin County. These people have symptoms of the flu - plus they were in close contact with a confirmed case OR they either visited or live in a location where there are confirmed cases of swine flu. Again, Dr. Teresa Long. "I think it's entirely possible that we will see increasing numbers of cases both in Ohio and right here in Central Ohio," Long said.

Ross County health officials say they have two "suspected" cases of swine flu as well.