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Short North Residents Brave Snow and Ice

While the snow and ice kept many people inside Wednesday some people were determined to get to work.

"I'm just doing the neighborly thing and shoveling the sidewalk," Bobbie Jacobowitz said.

Jacobowitz and her husband own the UPS Store next to Starbucks at North High Street and West Poplar Avenue in the trendy Short North neighborhood. Jacobowitz said she could have closed the store, but...

"We have responsibilities as well. So we thought we should open it in case customers have things to drop off...so...we're open."

As Jacobowitz went back to clearing the sidewalk Starbucks patron Bryce Millikan came out to lend her a hand.

"I rent a mailbox next door and I said she other more important things to do so I thought I'd come out and help her out a little bit," Millikan said.

Millikan is one of many Ohioans who have been affected by the recession. He's out of work right now, so the winter weather did not affect him. Millikan's doing the same thing he does everyday.

"Just looking for work. It's my favorite place to hang out and get on-line and look for work," he said.