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GCAC Funding for Columbus Symphony "Tabled"

The Greater Columbus Arts Council allocated several million dollars in arts funding today. Absent from the list of organizations receiving grants - the Columbus Symphony Orchestra. The council's grants committee is waiting on the outcome of negotiations between the musician's union and the symphony board.

Bob Falcone ran through the list of arts organizations that were awarded funds for operational support: $234,000 for the Museum of Art; $208,000 for BalletMet; $272,000 for COSI.

Last year the Columbus Symphony received about $250,000, but this year, Falcone said, a decision on the orchestra's application is being postponed.

"There's still a lot of scurrying going on with the Columbus Symphony and what we are doing is recommending that we table any decision on them until our next board meeting," Falcone said.

That's good news for the symphony as it tries to save its upcoming season. Greater Columbus Arts Council chairwoman Dee Dee Glimcher said in a statement the board hopes there will be a settlement, but she said, "We are committed to being responsible stewards of public money and we need to make sure the Columbus Symphony Orchestra will be in operation before we give them Operating Support Funds."

Glimcher says the board will monitor the situation closely.