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FBI: Convicted National Century Executives Planned to Flee U.S.

Attorneys for four men arrested today on charges they were planning to flee the country before being sentenced on fraud charges are disputing the arrests.

The attorneys say their clients, convicted in a $1.9 billion corporate fraud case last month, were abiding by a judge's order to submit to electronic monitoring.

They say the men should have had a chance to defend themselves against the charges before being arrested.

U.S. marshals took the men into custody in Florida, Georgia and Columbus.

The government alleges the four were planning to flee to Aruba if they were convicted.

A federal jury convicted the four men and Rebecca Parrett last month of multiple counts of wire and securities fraud and money laundering. Parrett remains at large after failing to report last week for electronic monitoring in Arizona. (Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)