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Chief Executive at OSU Medical Center Takes Job in Atlanta.

The head of Ohio State University's Medical Center is leaving. O-S-U announced today that Doctor Fred Sanfilippo will take a similar post at Emory Healthcare in Atlanta, Georgia. Emory is Georgia's largest healthcare system. Doctor Sanfilippo served as Chief Executive Officer Ohio State's Medical Center for seven years. During his tenure bio-medical research at O-S-U more than doubled. He says he's leaving after meeting what he called aggressive goals.

"I really had accomplished everything I had intended to here. We set alot of very aggressive strategic goals back in 2003 and we've hit or passed all of them. So one one leel its about having gotten the job done and thinking about next challenges and the other is thinking about the challenge at Emory." Says Sanfilippo

In January, a dispute between financial backers of the James Cancer medical center and Doctor Sanfilippo was brought to the attention of O-S-U's Board of trustees. But, San Filippo denies the dispute was linked in any way to his departure.

"Not in the slightest, not in the slightest, the discussions at Emory preceded all of that. Not in the slightest." Says Sanfilippo.

Sanfilippo takes over Emory Healthcare on October 1st. Its larger than O-S-U's center and has a budget that exceeds $2,100,000,000.