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Ohio State Sophomore Wins Funny Trophy

College can be a grind, going to classes, studying, taking exams. But last night, several hundred Ohio State students got a chance to chill out and laugh as student comedians vied to be the funniest person on campus. Sophomore Stephanie Seger was crowned the funniest person on campus before a appreciative crowd at the Ohio Union. A trio of celebrity comedy judges, Tracy Morgan, Colin Quinn and Andy Dick chose Seger over her two rivals, Junior John Nawn and Sophomore Davey Berris.

Seger hopes to pursue a career as a stand-up comedian. "I just like telling stories and my friends always said I was funny. So, I saw an ad in our school paper for it and I said: Hey, I'll do it." says Seger.

Davey Berris has been entertaining people ever since he was a child in the Cleveland suburb of Solon..and he enjoys being on stage. He derives his stand-up routines from personal life experiences.

Berris' parents, Bill and Lisa, came down to see their son perform and they confirmed that their son's comedy career began early in life

John Nawn also comes from the class clown mold. "I was always in trouble. It was Sister Margaret, Sister this, Sister that, I was always in trouble. says Nawn. Nawn says he gets lots of his material by working in fast food restaurants and observing customers.

The winner, Stephanie Seger received what was described as a ridiculously big trophy and the opportunity to perform at the Funny Bone Comedy Club.What more could a college student ask for!