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U.S. Supreme Court won't hear school-funding case

The U-S Supreme Court says it won't hear school districts' appeal of Ohio's long-running school-funding lawsuit. The court denied a request by the Coalition for Equity and Adequacy in School Funding to file a federal appeal of the 1991 DeRolph lawsuit.

In May, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled 5-2 to end the school funding case that led Ohio to spend billions of additional dollars on schools.

The coalition of about 500 school districts wanted the U-S Supreme Court to order the Ohio Supreme Court to reopen the case. They wanted to force Governor Taft and lawmakers to comply with the state court's previous rulings to fix the funding system.

The head of the coalition, Bill Phillis says he's dissapointed with the decision. He says the coalition will look to fight the state's funding system in the federal court system.