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Phony Ppl Enlists Megan Thee Stallion For Raunchy And Hilarious 'Fkn Around'

After first premiering the song exclusively at NPR Music during 2019's Tiny Desk Fest, Phony Ppl has finally decided to bless fans with "Fkn Around," a grooving, sorry-not-sorry romp about blurring the lines of infidelity.

"You got a man, but you're fkn around / Riskin' it all just to get down," the chorus croons.

It's right in the pocket of what makes Phony Ppl so bluesy and bubbly. But for this joint, Phony Ppl decided to add a new twist. Elbee Thrie, the band's lead vocalist, says the song came together rapidly for the band during a session at Retro City Studios in Philadelphia, but thought it needed a finishing touch to really sell the message. Phony knew it would only make sense to get Megan Thee Stallion to give a woman's point of view.

"We have some overlapping people on our teams," Elbee explains. "One of them brought the song to her with a disclaimer, 'I know you don't usually do this.' But she gave it an organic listen and was feelin' it. And with the topic being what it was, having a woman on the song who could pen a great verse was what we wanted. And that's exactly what she did."

This surprising track from the Brooklyn band and the Texas Hottie captures all the best facets of an unexpected crossover; grounding instrumentation, genuine chemistry and lyrics that compliment each other rather than competing. It plays up the strength of each act so well; "Fkn Around"'s got potential to end up on the culture's list of best hip-hop collaborations under Mariah Carey's "Fantasy (Remix)" featuring O.D.B. and Nelly's "Over and Over Again" featuring Tim McGraw.

Whether you're happily living single or enjoying a copacetic matrimony, you can't resist a little two-step to this one.

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Sidney Madden is a reporter and editor for NPR Music. As someone who always gravitated towards the artforms of music, prose and dance to communicate, Madden entered the world of music journalism as a means to authentically marry her passions and platform marginalized voices who do the same.