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Trump Thanks Service Members Abroad On Thanksgiving


For many American troops deployed abroad, Thanksgiving is just another day on duty. This morning, President Trump placed a video call to service members in Afghanistan, Iraq and other parts of the Middle East. He praised them for all they've accomplished, especially since he took office, and thanked them for their service.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: This is a Thanksgiving that you won't forget because you're in a very different part of the world than you were used to but, boy, are you doing a job there. And thank God for you. Thank God for you.

SHAPIRO: At least some of the troops were able to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal. Ahead of the holiday, the Defense Department sent close to 100,000 pounds of turkey and some 30,000 pounds of ham to service members in the region - fuel for their hard work on behalf of this nation. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.