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Voter Check-In: Native American Voter


And throughout the morning, we've been reconnecting with several voters we've met in recent months. One of those voters is Majerle Lister of Arizona, a stake that - a state that stuck with tradition and went red last night.


We spoke to Majerle Lister as part of our Divided States project, and we spoke with him last month. The 22-year-old at that point was a reluctant Hillary Clinton supporter. Yesterday, he voted decisively.

MAJERLE LISTER: I ended up voting for Bernie Sanders.

GREENE: So there is a vote that Hillary Clinton missed out on. As for why, well, we reached Majerle Lister on the Navajo reservation near Flagstaff, where he had been closely following the Dakota Access Pipeline protests at Standing Rock.

LISTER: I was really hoping that, with what was going on in Standing Rock, that Clinton would make a very strong statement opposing the pipeline. And when she didn't stand for it, that was it. I was like, no, I'm done.

MONTAGNE: Despite the tight race and the final outcome, Majerle Lister says he doesn't regret his write-in vote for Sanders. He hopes Democrats will use the next four years under a President Donald Trump to mobilize supporters at the grassroots level. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.