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Downtown - Franklinton lesson plans

Columbus’ historical roots are firmly planted in Franklinton as well as the state capital which as created by Ohio lawmakers.

  • Lucas Sullivant established a village on the west bank of the Scioto and named it Franklinton in 1797. Columbus was established by Ohio lawmakers in 1812 to be the state capital.
  • In Columbus, picnics, shopping at Lazarus, dancing at the Lunatic Asylum, and visiting the new statehouse were among the favorite leisure time activities of the new middle class at the turn of the 20th century.
  • Progressive Columbus: Social Gospel, The Franklinton Flood, The City Beautiful Movement lesson plan
    Rev. Washington Gladden, a leader of the social gospel movement, became pastor of First Congregational Church in Columbus. As a council member, he worked to secure an equitable fare on the street railways and municipal ownership of a power plant large enough to provide electric lighting for the city.
  • In spite of these laws, central Ohio had more than twenty documented Underground Railroad stations. James Poindexter, a barber and minister, led an active network of black conductors on the Underground Railroad.
  • As Americans moved westward along new transportation systems, the challenges of frontier life led to a spirit of democracy, equality, and reform.