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Flutist Eugenia Zuckerman On A Life With Alzheimer's Disease

Angela Jimenez

I’ve been a fan of Eugenia Zuckerman's for many years. She’s an artist on the flute -- a soloist, orchestral and chamber musician.

Her appearances as the arts reporter for CBS Sunday Morning made her a celebrity to those who don’t care about Johann Quantz or Johann Sebastian Bach.

Eugenia Zuckerman is the author of Like Falling Through a Cloud: A Lyrical Memoir. Lyrical because it’s written as a series of prose poems. I read the blurbs and thought, oh God, a 150-page poem. What am I, back in high school having to read this stuff?

Trust me, you’ll read this book once and then you’ll read it again. This is the true story of an accomplished artist, journalist, wife, mother and grandmother coping with Alzheimer ’s disease. It is not a sad book. It is not a difficult book for the reader.

I read this and immediately sought out recordings of her performances.

Like this:

You’ll read it and, as Zuckerman says, “find yourself some grit”.

Here’s my conversation with Eugenia Zuckerman:

My next letter to Santa will have names and addresses of friends who will love Like Falling Through a Cloud, by Eugenia Zuckerman.

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