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When Worlds Collide: Climate Change and Classical Music

If you've ever seen a video by The Piano Guys, you know they like to put pianos in, well, difficult places. On top of mountains, in rainforests, and any other out-of-the-way places they think they can squeeze a Steinway into. I have also see the 5 Browns playing in an underground cavern. What I had NEVER seen was a piano floating on a glacier as a cargo ship passes...at least until now.

An Italian pianist who goes by the name of Ludovico Einaudi recently made just such a video, designed to call attention to the disappearing Arctic ice.

To do that, a crew dropped him and his piano atop a floating platform in Svalbard, Norway. As he played, cameras caught several chunks calving off of a nearby glacier.

Tim Edwards, who is Managing Editor of Classic FM Interactive writes,

"Einaudi premiered his new composition, Elegy for the Arctic , as governments gathered in Tenerife to consider a proposal to protect 10% of the Arctic Ocean.
According to Greenpeace, three countries - Norway, Denmark and Iceland - oppose the measure."

No matter your politics, this video has a lot of impact. You can see more about how it was filmed below. Read the entire article here.