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Classical 101

Nashville Cats? Musical Felines Come From All Over

A London Palladium production of "Cats, the Musical"

In celebration of National Cat Day on October 29, Classical 101 Program Director Beverley Ervine has unearthed an amazing amount of cat factoids. I have had this tune running through my head since she first began talking about Cat Day, so allow me to give you my earworm.


You're welcome for that. Now if that doesn't suit, Beethoven wrote a little tune called Das liebe Kätzchen, (The Dear Kitten) about a cat which was particularly prolific when it came to producing kittens.

It translates this way: Our cat's had kittens.  63 of them, all mine. One of them has stripes. That's the one for me.


Andrew Lloyd Webber loves his cats...and not just the ones on Broadway.  Check out this video of him with his water-loving feline.


These cats, however, are the ones which paid for his swimming pool.


Happy National Cat Day!