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Leonard Bernstein First on Pluto

Pluto's Inspiration Spans Decades

In a recent blog, I wrote about Colin Matthews' composition Pluto, the Renewer, which he added to Holst's The Planets in 2000. (Pluto May Be Small, but it SOUNDS Big, July 15, 2015)

However, it has been revealed that someone else got there first.

Leonard Bernstein.

Yes, the conductor/composer who taught many to love music with his Young People's Concerts with the New York Philharmonic beat Matthews there by some 28 years.

It was 1972.  Bernstein explained to the audience and viewers that they were going to improvise a piece to paint a musical picture of the mysterious little planet.  In light of the New Horizons spacecraft's recent flyby, I find the results - to quote a famous Vulcan - "Fascinating."


Here, then, is Pluto, The Unpredictable, by Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic.

Live long and prosper.