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Listen to the Amadeus Deli Live from the Columbus Arts Festival, Friday at noon

color photograph of a man dressed like Mozart and wearing modern-day sunglasses while outside in a crowded street
Paul Stocker/Creative Commons/Flickr
Join Classical 101's Jennifer Hambrick and special guests from Columbus' arts community Friday at noon for the Amadeus Deli live from the Columbus Arts Festival

Mozart on a marble pedestal? 

Sure, happens all the time.

Mozart at a street festival?

Well, that's different.

Find out what that's about Friday at noon when the Amadeus Deli broadcasts live from the Columbus Arts Festival at Columbus' Downtown Riverfront. Tune in to hear great music by Mozart and conversations with guests from Columbus' arts community. You might even enjoy a little treat from among all the tasty festival food on offer.

Because festival food is so yummy (you know you love it), because the Amadeus Deli pairs so well with your lunch hour and because it's always a good time for a snack, I thought it might be nice to revisit last year's list of the Top Ten Mozartean Festival Food Treats. Drool over some lipsmacking favorites below and - new this year! - a bonus treat at the end of the list.

10. Constanza Cakes - A new twist on funnel cakes, Constanza Cakes are sweet and packed with flavor, not unlike their namesake, Mozart’s wife.

9. Nannerl Nachos – Mozart’s sister, Nannerl, was a spectacular musician and anything but cheesy. But judging from some of the spicy exchanges in their correspondence, Nannerl had a good sense of fun and would have thrown many a fiesta if society had allowed her to cavort and carry on like her brother did. Nannerl now gets a little fiesta of her own!

8. The Loaded Leutgeb Baked Potato – I’ve never actually seen a baked, as opposed to fried, potato at a fair or festival, but I imagine there might be one somewhere. Mozart’s good friend Joseph Leutgeb was a phenomenal horn player who became a cheesemonger. Pile enough cheese and bacon atop a humble baked potato and it's tasty enough for a festival!

7. MysliveChips – the ever-so-tasty pile of kettle chips smothered with your choice of naughty sauce. Named after Joseph Myslivecek, a composer about 20 years Mozart’s senior who once befriended Mozart then betrayed him over an opera contract. Mozart gets his revenge. (Hint: “smothered.”)

6. Esterhazy Ears – A “classical” take on cinnamon-sugared elephant ears, the name of these treats admittedly speaks more to Haydn than to Mozart. But I bet you’d eat some if you could find some.

5. Salzburg Sausage Balls – Oktoberfest meets artsfest meets yumfest.

4. Opera Cream Puffs – a lighter-than-air, more-caloric-than-you-ever-want-to-know confection in homage to one of the greatest opera composers the world has ever known.

3. Colloredo Corn – Can’t keep yourself from eating kettle corn? Tell me about it. This version - named after Mozart’s erstwhile employer Archbishop Hiernoymous Colloredo, whom Mozart disliked, and who got fed up with Mozart’s general insouciance and sacked him – is just as irresistible.

2. Da Ponte Dogs – Even a writer as poetic as Mozart’s great opera librettist Lorenzo Da Ponte could not describe this version of the familiar cormeal-coated favorite of fairs and festivals.

1. Leopold on a Stick – Freud would have had a field day with this one.

Plus, bonus! ...

Figaro Fries - Listening to Mozart's hilarious opera The Marriage of Figaro​ while noshing on a tub of fries will totally take your mind off the transfats.


Tune in Friday at noon for the Amadeus Deli’s live broadcast form the Columbus Arts Festival, and stop by WOSU Public Media’s Arts Festival booth near the corner of Rich Street and Civic Center Drive, June 12-14!

WOSU will be broadcasting live throughout the day at the Columbus Arts Festival. All Sides with Ann Fisher will broadcast on 89.7 NPR News from 10am to noon. Then Classical 101 takes over with Jennifer Hambrick and The Amadeus Deli from noon to 1pm. Classical 101 By Request with Christopher Purdy from 1-3pm and Boyce Lancaster will close out the day at the arts festival from 3-5pm.

Find out more about WOSU at the Columbus Arts Festival.

Jennifer Hambrick unites her extensive backgrounds in the arts and media and her deep roots in Columbus to bring inspiring music to central Ohio as Classical 101’s midday host. Jennifer performed with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Civic Orchestra of Chicago before earning a Ph.D. in musicology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.