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Sibelius Inspired "Nordic Symphony" of Howard Hanson

American composer Howard Hanson will be featured this evening on Symphony @ 7. His Symphony No. 1 is titled The Nordic, indicating the connection with Scandinavia and particularly with Jean Sibelius, whose music Hanson admired. Hanson was born in Wahoo, Nebraska in 1896 and lived until 1981. In addition to his fine work as a composer and conductor, he became an important music educator, directing the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York to great acclaim and elevating its status. He was also a champion of American composers, conducting and recording many new works. The "Nordic" connection comes, in part, from Hanson's ancestry. His parents were Swedish immigrants, and he always felt a strong affinity for the music of Sibelius. The influence was clear enough in this early work from 1922, written while Hanson was in Italy after winning the Prix de Rome in Music. He still chose to title it The Nordic. Join us for this Northern-inspired music on Symphony @ 7 on Classical 101. http://youtu.be/Lj6qZrzqGC0