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Classical 101

Stephen Scott's "Entrada" is Played Inside a Piano

You've come to the right place to watch a performance of Stephen Scott'sEntrada by the Bowed Piano Ensemble. It's melodic, rhythmic, and fun to see. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWsPNXi-1G8 Intrigued? Check out Frank Oteri's interview and moreon the American Music Center's web magazine, newmusicbox.

An excerpt from the introduction by Frank J. Oteri: In some ways, Stephen Scott is the most methodical of the postminimalist composers who all made minimalism less methodical in very different ways. Not in terms of compositional techniques, but in terms of his sonic vocabulary: all of his work on recordings and most of the music he composes is for his own ensemble of musicians who bow, hammer, scrape, and do any number of other activities inside a grand piano.