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A Review of Nancy Harms' In the Indigo

ONE AUDIO PIECE - MUSIC In the world of Public Radio, the word Minnesota evokes thoughts of Garrison Keillor, Minnesota Public Radio, and piles and piles of snow. Now, there are some music lovers for whom the Twin Cities are hot year-round. Clara City MN native Nancy Harms fell in love with jazz after seeing Harry Connick, Jr. on TV. She loved and studied music, eventually going into teaching, but she wanted to sing. A friend suggested she needed to move. Where to? New York? Chicago? Neither. Rather, she headed for that hotbed of jazz, Minneapolis-St. Paul. It seems Minnesota has a thriving jazz circuit and features both established performers and newcomers. In the Indigo is her debut recording, one I think shows a lot of promise. So start a fire, open some wine, and share share a quiet evening with them.  And go ahead and have Nancy in. In this case, three is not a crowd. [audio:i-wished-on-the-moon.mp3] I Wished on the Moon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMYQ97S5Dpo