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Teddy Bears Violetta and Escamillo Sing Opera

I was glancing through the November 2009  issue of Opera Newswhen an ad for two teddy bears singing opera brought me to a complete stop. Here they are, dressed in appropriate costumes ready to perform. Violetta sings "Sempre Libera" from La Traviata with the voice of Penelope Shumate. Escamillo sings "The Toreador Song" from Carmen with the voice of  James Morris. Both bears stand around 18" tall and move their mouths in time to the words along with some head movements. I'm still not sure how to describe my reaction: disbelief? enjoyment? awe? Yet obviously I was curious enough to go check them out online and hear them sing. (Between you and me, Escamillo is my favorite.) Depending on the individual - teddy bear lover, opera lover, or bear-loving opera lover - this could be that unique gift of the season for child and adult alike.