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A New Magazine for Classical Music Fans

I've received my THIRD issue of ArkivMusic's new venture into the world of magazines, Listen: Life with Classical Music. I must say I've enjoyed every issue, especially in light of:

  1. It fits my busy lifestyle and I can actually read it from cover to cover, anywhere I want, wherever I want, without power and batteries.
  2. It has come out at a time when magazines are shrinking, disappearing, and moving to only online versions. Amazing.

ArkivMusic describes it as "America's [!] bimonthly magazine about classical music in our daily lives." It's attractive with full color pages and informative, entertaining articles and tidbits, written in a friendly manner for all to enjoy. Clearly it has been conceived with our current lifestyles in mind. Already it has generated ideas that I've incorporated into my music programming for WOSU. The publication profiles musicians and music travel destinations, among other features, and includes recommendations of recordings, books and films. (BTW, I'm keeping all of them for reference.) Arkiv Music is offering a discount on a one-year subscription. I hope Listen succeeds. It's an admirable venture, especially at a time when the future of classical music and the livelihood of classical musicians are being questioned. With your interest and support, we can join forces to make it so.

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