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Wellness Wednesday: Low Sugar, Brain Outreach, Wine News

11am Along with causing with weight gain and cavities, sugar has been linked to heart disease and early death. The World Health Organization is now recommending that we limit our added sugar intake to between 6 and 12 teaspoons a day. We'll talk about the new recommendations and ways in which you can limit your sugar intake. We'll also look at Brain Awareness Week, which is next Wednesday through Friday. To cap off the hour, we'll take another look at the disputed health effects of wine. Guests

  • Brooke Alpert, nutritionist and co-author of ‘The Sugar Detox’
  • Joe Wood, manager of health and medicine programs at COSI
  • Jamie Church,  graduate student in Neuroscience at Ohio State University
  • John Swartzberg, chair of the editorial board of the UC Berkeley School of Public Health Wellness Letter