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Wellness Wednesday: Gluten-Free, Bird Flu, Fitness Round-Up


It's hard not to notice the profusion of gluten-free products flooding supermarket shelves lately. But before you invest in almond noodles and amaranth flour, we'll talk to a doctor about gluten intolerance, or Celiac Disease, and whether a gluten-free diet makes sense for the rest of us. Then we'll get an update on the deadly H7N9 bird flu, and take a look at the new super- intense 7-Minute Workout.  Guests

  • Sonia Kupfer,  Assistant Professor of Medicine Section of Gastroenterology & Center for Clinical Cancer Genetics-The University of Chicago
  • Joseph Bresee, Chief of the Epidemiology and Prevention Branch at the CDC’s Influenza Division
  • Gretchen Reynolds, author, columnist for the NYTimes Well Blog