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Special Ohio Election Coverage: Celeste/War Journalists/Syria


The Democratic primary candidates for Ohio’s 3rd Congressional District are set: Mary Jo Kilroy, Priscilla Tyson, Joyce Beatty and Ted Celeste are all running for the spot. Throughout the week, each candidate will join us for an individual interview about their plan for the district. Ted Celeste will join us on this segment.


  • Ted Celeste (candidate, Ohio’s 3rd Congressional District)


There's no doubt that Syria is currently a war zone... But that fact came to light this week with the deaths of two innocent war journalists. What is it like for journalists working in war-torn areas? How do they avoid danger?


  • Sebastian Junger (author and journalist)


Press Secretary Jim Carney announced this week that the U.S. may consider taking “additional measuresâ€? in Syria if military attacks on civilians continue... These “additional measuresâ€? could include arming the opposition against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. But, fighting violence with violence should not always be the answer. What are the other options? What do other countries in the international community think?


  • Peter Mansoor (retired Army Colonel and the Raymond E. Mason Jr. chair in Military History, OSU)