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Tech Tuesday: Facebook Timeline, Airport Technology and Gift Ideas


Facebook unveiled their new profile layout, the Facebook Timeline. What does this change about your profile? What's different? Then, we'll talk about the American airports with the most advanced technology for you to use when you're stuck in them. And finally, we'll continue our discussion of the best technologies for holiday gift giving.


  • Betsy Hubbard (digital media consultant and co-founder, Mindset Digital)
  • Debra Jasper (digital media consultant and co-founder, Mindset Digital)
  • Steve Fox (Editorial Director and Vice President, PC World)
  • Russell Holly (Tech Blogger, geek.com)

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For more information on PCWorld's Best Airports for Technology, visit the article here. For more information on PCWorld's Hottest Tech Gifts, visit the article here.

Steve Fox's List of Top 5 Tech Products for Gifting:

1. Canon Powershot S100 (point-and-shoot digital camera) 2. Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Android smartphone) 3. Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF201 (Android tablet) 4. Apple Macbook Air (Apple laptop) 5. Skyrim (game)

Russell Holly's List of Top 10 Tech Products for Gifting:

1. Amazon Kindle Fire (one of the cheapest Android tablets) 2. Amazon Prime (service of Amazon.com with 2 day shipping and unlimited access to streaming of movies and TV shows) 3. Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Android smartphone) 4. Sphero Robotic Ball (toy controlled by a smartphone) 5. Roku 2 XD (device streams netflix to your TV) 6. Xbox 360 with Kinect (gaming device) 7. The Gunstringer Kinect Game for Adults, Disneyland Adventures Kinect game for kids (games) 8. iPad 2 (Apple tablet) 9. Google+ (social media network) 10. NeatReceipts (device that scans documents, receipts and business cards, sorts and saves to folders on a computer)