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Winter Weather/Columbus Recycling/Food Waste Recycling


Predictions for what type of winter will hit Central Ohio has many people wondering if this will be the harshest winter weather Ohio has seen in a while. On this segment of "All Sides," we'll be joined by a local meteorologist to discuss what we should expect for winter.


  • Marshall McPeek (meteorologist, co-anchor and reporter, NBC 4)


Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman unveiled his proposed $735.5 million city budget for 2012. Among many other things, the plan earmarks $2.2 million for curbside recycling. We talk about the logistics to his plan and what opposition has come forward.


  • Michael Coleman (Columbus Mayor)


In what ways are Columbus businesses taking on green initiatives? This segment we talk to a restaurant owner who incorporates recycling into her everyday business plan.


  • Elizabeth Lessner (Co-Founder, Columbus League of Restauraunts; Co-Founder, Eartha Limited)
  • Mike Minnix (Founder & Co-Owner, Eartha Limited)