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Living with Wild Turkeys/Are Raccoons Getting Smarter?


On this hour of All Sides, Ann speaks with a naturalist who spent more than two years raising a clutch of wild turkeys. What started as an informal science experiment changed his life in ways he could never have imagined. We look at how these animals exist in the wild and how they've adapted to encroaching suburban developments.


  • Joe Hutto (Wildlife artist and naturalist)


Follow Joe Hutto's experience raising a flock of young turkeys by watching the documentary "My Life as a Turkey," on WOSU TV. The program will air on Wednesday, Nov. 16 at 8 PM.


Raccoons are quickly adapting to urban environments. The animals have higher populations within city limits than ever before. What's life like for them? How have their diets and habitats changed?


  • Susan Fleming (Filmaker, PBS Nature)
  • Stanley Gehrt (Associate Professor, OSU School of Environment and Natural Resources)


The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation documented the raccoons living in Toronto, Canada. Their program, "Raccoon Nation," will be broadcast on NATURE in 2012.