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The Final Months of the Drawdown in Vietnam


The Vietnam War was long and painful, especially for those left in Vietnam long after the war was over. In this hour of "All Sides," we'll talk about those final months of the drawdown in Vietnam.


  • William Shkurti (Adjunct Professor of Public Policy, John Glenn Institute of Public Affairs and author, "Soldering on in a Dying War: The True Story of the Firebase Pace Indicidents and the Vietnam Drawdown")
  • Paul Marling (Retired army medic. He was a medic with Delta Company, 1st battalion, 12th Cavalry unit at Firebase Pace.  After Vietnam, he earned degrees in nursing and health care administration and retired in 2005.  He returned to Vietnam in 2006)
  • Paul Cibolski (Retired First Sergeant. He was a Section Chief of Charlie  Battery, 2nd battalion,  32nd Artillery regiment at Pace.  He stayed in the army and retired in 1986 as a First Sergeant)

NOTE: This is a repeated hour of "All Sides" that originally aired on Oct. 12, 2011.