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Women Engineers in WWII and Today


We’ve heard about Rosie the Riveter and the women who manned America’s factories, munitions plants, and shipyards during World War II. Today on "All Sides," we’ll hear about the 900 young women recruited as Cadette engineers at Curtiss-Wright airplane plants around the country, including in Columbus. The author of a new book about this long lost aviation history has a personal stake in the story. Hear from her and two of the actual WWII Cadettes, and learn the current status of women engineers in the United States.


  • Jean-Vi Lenthe (historian and author)
  • Nova Anderson Weller (Curtiss-Wright Aeronautical Engineering Cadette during WWII)
  • Margaret Upham (Curtiss-Wright Aeronautical Engineering Cadette during WWII)
  • Betty Shanahan (Executive Director and CEO, Society of Women Engineers)


For more information on Lenthe's tour, visit her site here. To check out Lenthe's book online, visit Amazon here.