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Red Cross Blood Donations: Gay Blood Drive/Female Empowerment


For years, gay men have been turned away from giving blood to prevent the spread of further HIV infections. Gay rights advocates say this practice is no longer relevant and should be reversed. Is this action justified or unnecessary?


  • Rodney J. Wilson (Communications Manager, Central Ohio Red Cross)
  • Michael Daniels (Co-Owner, Outlook Media)


Outlook presents "Brothers in Blood" on Thursday, October 13, 2011 at from 2-8 p.m. at The King Arts Complex (867 Mount Vernon Ave., Columbus, OH 43203. For more information on the initiative, check out Outlook's website or email BrothersInBlood.Columbus@gmail.com.  


Women still earn less than their male counterparts. Does the economic downturn mean women will backslide or find opportunity?


  • Mary B. Relloto (founder and owner, Dames Bond LLC)
  • Gloria Feldt (author and speaker, Hard Line)


"Gloria Feldt, Changing of the Guard." Power inequality colors political and business process, outcome, efficiency and civility at every level.  How can we affect change for the better? Discussion lead by Gloria Feldt joined by a panel featuring Julie Moorhead, Vice President of Sales, Thirty-One Gifts, Mary B. Relloto, Founder and Owner, Dames Bond LLC, and Antoinette Wilson, Principle and CEO, Triumph Communications, Inc. New Directions Career Center -- October 12 from 6:30—8:00 p.m. at Hilton Columbus at Easton for an inspiring and empowering evening. Cost is $25 for admission or $50 for admission plus a signed copy of Gloria’s Feldtman’s book. Visit this website for more information or to register for the lecture: www.newdirectionscc.org.