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Drugs Marketed as Harmless Products

Two weeks ago, Ohio joined 28 other states in banning so-called “bath saltsâ€?...powerful drugs which mimic the effects of cocaine and LSD, causing paranoia, hallucinations and suicidal thoughts. How can we safeguard society from the latest designer drugs, and products marketed as legal and harmless...such as energy drinks and melatonin-spiked brownies? Today on All Sides, hosted by WOSU News Reporter, Steve Brown, we’ll talk with the main sponsor of the Ohio “bath saltsâ€? ban, the President of Maryhaven Addiction Recovery Services in Central Ohio, and the Medical Director of the Central Ohio Poison Center, after the news on All Sides with Ann Fisher, 89-seven NPR news.


  • Representative Clayton Luckie ((House district 39), sponsor of bill banning “bath saltsâ€?)
  • Paul Coleman (President/CEO, Maryhaven Addiction Recovery and Mental Health Services)
  • Dr. Marcel Casavant (MD, Medical Director, Central Ohio Poison Center at Nationwide Children's Hospital)