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The Paleolithic Diet: Caught in the Stone Age?

Our ancient ancestors battled the elements, and were prey as well as predator. Before agriculture, they hunted and gathered their food from what roamed and grew wild. Their lives were short, but the types of food probably weren’t as much of a challenge as the shortage of food. And they didn’t appear to suffer from diabetes, obesity and other food related ailments. That has inspired some to emulate as close as possible the so-called Paleolithic Diet, which includes meats from grass-fed, pasture- raised livestock; fish; vegetables; fruits; roots and nuts; and excludes grains, legumes, dairy products, salt, refined sugar, and processed oils. It was good enough for the human 20,000 years ago. But is it fit food for modern humans? We hear from noted nutritionist and author Marion Nestle about the benefits and drawbacks. Also joining us is OSU anthropologist Kristen Gremillion, author of the new book “Ancestral Appetites: Food in Prehistory."


  • Kristen Gremillion (OSU Anthropology Professor and author)
  • Marion Nestle (NYU Professor of Nutrition and Author)

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