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College Sports and Athletic Compliance/ NPR:Obama on Debt Ceiling


The Ohio State football program is undergoing NCAA investigation and reeling from the resignation of former football head coach Jim Tressel. This is all the result of various football players’ inability to comply with NCAA rules. Now what’s in question is the system that monitors this athletic compliance. We'll discuss the future of the athletic compliance office at OSU and what this means for college athletic departments in general. Charles Clotfelter, a professor at Duke University, said Ohio State should be very concerned about the nature of athletics at the university right now. “Its very important for them to be concerned about this, because the downside risks are obviously so great," Clotfelter said. "Creating a seperate office isnt obviously better than the way they have done it before." Clotfelter is referring to the idea OSU trustees have looked into about creating a university-wide compliance department. This would include the medical center compliance, research compliance and athletic compliance. Clotfelter does not think a giant compliance office is the key to a successful one, but rather a group of officials with thorough knowledge and the ability to get coaches and student athletes to buy into the rules. “Big doesn’t necessarily equate to best, you can have a pretty small compliance office, and still have a very effective process," Clotfelter said. Clotfelter also commented on the backwards reality of college sports, the reality that coaches can take home millions of dollars while student athletes are not compensated past a scholarship. He referred to the idea as an "inconsistency, if not hypocrisy."


NPR Special Coverage: Obama's News Conference On Debt Ceiling

The president is expected to speak about the deficit negotiations. Join this NPR member station and go online to npr.org for analysis of the speech and live-blogging.


  • Charles Clotfelter (author and Public Policy Professor, Duke University)

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