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More on Personal Finance, with Jonathan Pond

Financial stability can be tough, but answers are available out there, and today is a great opportunity to get the materials you need to succeed. Jonathan Pond, a financial adviser for PBS, joined All Sides with Ann Fisher for another hour to continue to talk about securing your financial future. Pond talked about how to wisely manage your wallet and bank account, and how his materials will improve your financial situation. “I look at your debt, the objective is to give you a guideline, a plan, to reduce your debt realistically,â€? Pond said. Pond revealed part of his plan for success, a plan that starts with making a priority list, and ends with a positive financial future. “I have a priority list, what are the most important things to do, I want you to do better in your financial life, and you will do better with your financial life,â€? Pond said. “Just making simple changes… not radical changes.â€? Pond also said the best way to avoid harmful credit card fees is to shop around and to look at other financial institutions. Find one that does not charge as many fees. He suggested that credit unions usually offer the best services, and that it is easier than ever before to become a member of a credit union.

Pledge Today!

If you pledge today, there are several pledge level rewards. Pond’s book, “The New Affluence: Achieving Financial Security in a Changed Economy,â€? is available to you at the $60 pledge level. At the $120 level, you will receive Pond’s very own “Your Lifetime Plannerâ€? or his “Financial Road Map.â€? "If you're not yet a member it's a great time to step up," Pond said. If you pledge at the $225 level today, you will receive the Combo Pack, which includes all three of Pond’s products.


  • Jonathan Pond (PBS Financial Advisor)

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