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Gas Prices are Way Up: How this Affects Ohioans

We have a gas problem... According to AAA, for motorists in Northeast Ohio, the price of gas is currently 7.2 cents more than it was last week. Now, $3.906 per gallon is the going rate for self-serve, regular unleaded gasoline. The prices will undoubtedly affect individual pocketbooks, but what other services will be endangered as the price of transportation continues to raise? We'll talk about that and more, to find out how this gas problem affects Ohioans on more than just an individual level. Leave a comment and tell us: How have rising gas prices impacted your life? What are you doing differently to cope?


  • Ben Brockwell (OPIS Director of Data and Pricing Services)
  • Shashi Matta (OSU Assistant Professor of Marketing, Fisher College of Business)
  • Chuck Gehring (President/CEO LifeCare Alliance)

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