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Cultural Differences in Prep Schools

What is it like to live in two different worlds?  If you’re one of the few African-American students to get a full scholarship to an elite prep school, you try to fit in with classmates who come from wealth and privilege, but you may pay a price and lose connection with your own family and culture. Hear how an elite prep school in Columbus works to foster diversity and appreciation of cultural differences, and a film director talks about his new documentary The Prep School Negro. Guests are Andre Robert Lee, director of The Prep School Negro, The Wellington School Head Robert Brisk, and 2010 Wellington alumnus Jacob Robinson.


  • Kids from the Hood: Wendy Williams, Barack Obama and the Prep School Negroes- Huffington Post From Damon Dash to Denzel Washington, Sean "P-Diddy" Combs to President Barack Obama, many of popular-culture's most prominent African-Americans are not just Negroes -- they're Prep-School Negroes (PSN). As graduates of elite "prep" (or "independent") school systems, this minority-within-a-minority is bucking the myth of Black kids as over-urban and under-educated. Along the way, PSNs have become a dominant force in business, media and -- with one in the White House -- increasingly politics. And now they've even got their own film -- the aptly-namedPrep School Negro, recently-completed by young New York City director Andre Robert Lee.