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Webinar Series Helps Teachers Use Diverse Books

COLUMBUS, OHIO, AUGUST 30, 2021 – WOSU Classroom is providing a virtual webinar series for grade school teachers and educational leaders that explores the use of diverse texts in school spaces. Registration for the 4-part series is free at TeacherCampus.org.

“Diverse books allow our students to see themselves while at the same time enlighten other readers of the truths about lives they don’t live,” said Amy Palermo, chief content director, WOSU Classroom. “Participants will complete the series with more knowledge of and confidence in using diverse books to support their educational practices.”

Reading Diverse Text In School Spaces course details:

  • Session 1: Understanding the Role of Self
    Thursday, October 14 | 7:00–7:45pm
    Speaker: Arianna Howard, BS, M.Ed, PhD
  • Session 2: The Book and I
    Thursday, October 21 | 7:00–7:45pm
    Speaker: Samantha Stewart, BS, M.Ed, PhD
  • Session 3: Responding to Resistance & Discomfort
    Thursday, October 28 | 7:00–7:45pm
    Speaker: Arianna Howard, BS, M.Ed, PhD
  • Session 4: Leadership Toolkit
    Thursday, November 4 | 7:00–7:45pm
    Speakers: Arianna Howard, BS, M.Ed, PhD and Samantha Stewart, BS, M.Ed, PhD

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