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Record gas prices continue in Ohio

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Ohio gas prices continue surging to all-time highs as price hikes pinch the pocketbooks of drivers around the country.

Auto club AAA said the current average price for regular-grade gas in Ohio is $4.83 a gallon, the highest statewide average ever recorded. Diesel fuel is also at a record high in Ohio, with drivers paying an average of $5.63 a gallon.

Drivers in at least one Ohio county are now paying more than $5 a gallon for gasoline. In eastern Ohio’s Noble County, the average price for regular-grade gas is $5.07 a gallon.

In Central Ohio, Union County has the highest average price at $4.90 a gallon. Licking County has the lowest price at $4.77. Drivers in Franklin County are now paying $4.82 a gallon.

Ohio's record-high prices still trail the current nationwide average price of $4.87 a gallon. Experts said the high price of oil, largely because many buyers are refusing to purchase Russian oil because of its invasion of Ukraine, is the main cause of the steep gasoline prices.

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