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Marily Oppezzo: How Can Taking A Walk Spark Creative Ideas?

Part 4 of theTED Radio Hour episodeJumpstarting Creativity.

About Marily Oppezzo's TED Talk

If you're experiencing a creative block or feeling uninspired, Marily Oppezzo has a solution: take a walk. She explains how walking helps us to get out of our heads and generate out-of-the-box ideas.

About Marily Oppezzo

Marily Oppezzo is a behavioral and learning scientist. She completed her PhD in educational psychology at Stanford in 2013. She also is a registered dietitian and has her Master's of nutritional science from San Jose State University.

She completed her dietetic internship at the Palo Alto Veterans Hospital, and currently consults as a sports dietitian for Stanford's Runsafe program. Her research interests leverage her interdisciplinary training, with a focus on how to get people to change and improve their health and well-being.

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