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French Violinist Alexandra Soumm Joins ProMusica For Reimagined 'Four Seasons'

Beatrice Cruveiller
Alexandra Soumm

Violinist Alexandra Soumm's website opens with a photo of her and this text: "Alexandra Soumm - Violinist & Humanitarian."

This is no exaggeration. Here is one of her projects, Esperanz'Arts, a nonprofit organization that provides charity and social concerts to underserved audiences.


Though she loves performing in beautiful theaters for music-lovers the world over, Soumm is driven to play her music for people who might never see the inside of a concert hall.

As you might imagine, Soumm is also heavily involved in working with the next generation of young artists as she travels and performs. While in Columbus for two concerts with ProMusica Chamber Orchestra this weekend, she'll be spending a morning with some of the young musicians in ProMusica's Play Us Forward education program.

This weekend's ProMusica program features Antonio Vivaldi's Four Seasons, "recomposed" by Max Richter, and Beethoven's Symphony No. 4.

It is one thing to take themes or lesser-known works and arrange, embellish or write variations. But to recompose a work as beloved as The Four Seasons takes a brave soul. Here's a little taste of what to expect:


Soumm performs at 5:30 p.m. Saturday at Worthington United Methodist Church and 7 p.m. Sunday at the Southern Theatre.

On Friday evening, ProMusica presents its annual Messiah sing-along at the Southern Theatre. Grab your score and join in, or just come immerse yourself in Handel's music. Robert Ward hosts and conducts.

ProMusica is asking this weekend's concertgoers to bring a package of any size diapers to help local families in need at the YWCA Family Center. Size 6 diapers and training pants of any size are needed most, as well as bottles and sippy cups.

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