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Are We At A Sexual Abuse And Harassment Tipping Point?

Comedian Louis CK in 2015. (Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)
Comedian Louis CK in 2015. (Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

The floodgates have opened on calling out sexual abuse and harassment. Comedian Louis C.K. and Senate candidate Roy Moore of Alabama are the latest powerful men to face disturbing accusations. We’ll talk Naomi Alderman, Erin Gloria Ryan and Elizabeth Tippett about whether we’re at a tipping point.

We will also get an update on the Roy Moore allegationsfrom a reporter in Alabama.

This hour will air at 11 a.m. EST.

Now it’s Roy Moore.  Facing sexual abuse allegations from decades ago, but damning allegations with a 14-year-old girl.  And Louis C. K., the comedian, laid out for gross sexual behavior with women who did not want it.  And Kevin Spacey, in big trouble.  Out of a show, out of a movie.  The wave that started with Harvey Weinstein keeps rolling.  Ripping the lid off years and years of sexual misconduct.  This hour, On Point:  Is this the moment that changes the power plays?  The sexual abuse? —Tom Ashbrook


Naomi Alderman, author, novelist and game designer whose latest book is “The Power.” (@NaomiAllthenews)

Erin Gloria Ryansenior editor for The Daily Beast. (@morninggloria)

Elizabeth Tippett, professor at the University of Oregon School of Law. (@TippettLiz)

From Tom’s Reading List:

The Daily Beast: Can #MeToo Avoid The PC Backlash? — “For the last month or so, I’ve gotten a lot of messages from men. As women come out publicly with stories of sexual harassment, male friends and colleagues and casual acquaintances want to talk about it privately. They want to know where the line is, what they can do to stop it, whether that one encounter they had years back crossed a line. They believe the news reports, they believe a problem exists, they believe it’s bad.”

Los Angeles Times: Sparked By #MeToo Campaign, Sexual Assault Survivors Rally And March In Hollywood — “On Sunday, several hundred survivors of sexual harassment and assault and their supporters gathered in front of the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood to draw attention to their cause. Recently, there has been an uprising of women who have gone public with their stories of abuse and systemic sexism.”

New York Times: The Deep Confusion Of The Post-Weinstein Movement — “The women’s movement has been the most successful bloodless revolution of modern times. Since Mary Wollstonecraft fought for the crazy notion that women were humans and could have rights, feminism has been moving the world forward. There’s been a series of ratchets — times when the law or public opinion changed so conclusively that it seemed there could be no going back.”

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